Tourenskitipp Resterhöhe

Ski tours and freeride tours can be experienced daily till 07.00 p.m. on the Resterhöhe. Snowcats take a break for all on- and off-piste athletes that there is no danger in case of slope grooming work.
Further tour tips, avalanches risks and rules for tour skiers can be found here!

Usually snow groomers prepare the slopes for the next day. Especially for alpine tourers the slope groomers take consideration.

This opens a time-window without dangers for alpine tourers and even close to the town. There might be some snow groomers in use, however there will be no dangerous preparation with cable winches.

Further tips, current avalange warnings and the directive for alpine tourers you find here!

Alpine security 2018/2019

Also this winter alpine security has utmost priority. The online platform delivers daily information in regards to security in the mountains. There, you find the most current information in regards to correct behaviour on an off slopes, current avalanche situation (in german and english), road closure, weather forecast, workshops, etc. 


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